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About Us 

The South Dakota State University (SDSU) Robotics Club is the largest multidisciplinary engineering club on campus, and we're continuously growing! We maintain around 25 active members year-round, divided into four teams: the Autonomous Sprayer Project, Collegiate Combat Robotics, MATE ROV, and VEX-U. This year, each of our teams is embarking on a trip, and we'll provide details below. Because of this, we're seeking $5,000 to provide our students with a platform to showcase their work. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and inspires us to continue designing, building, testing, and competing!

Our Story 

The SDSU Robotics Club originated from a senior design project group in 2009, evolving into a hobbyist club for college students passionate about expanding their knowledge. Over the past six years, the club has grown into a nationally competitive team. We gained national recognition by winning the Land O'Lakes Bot Shot competition in 2019. After emerging victorious against some of the top engineering universities in the country, we felt ready for a greater challenge. Four years ago, we aimed for the stars and were accepted to compete in the NASA Lunabotics Robotic Mining Challenge. Despite our hard work on the project, we decided to withdraw from the competition due to the uncertainties of COVID-19. Instead, we shifted the club's focus and seized the opportunity to establish other teams. Our Collegiate Combat Robots team had a bot qualify for the World Championship Competition in May 2022. Additionally, we embarked on a consulting project—the Autonomous Sprayer Project—offered by a professional engineer. Through multiple prototypes and upgrades, we have refined the project, with plans to deliver the final design this Spring. In Fall 2023, we welcomed a group of talented freshmen involved in the high school VEX Robotics competition, merging them with our club. They immediately showcased their skills by winning their first competition, qualifying for the World Championship. Another addition in Fall 2023 was the MATE ROV project, a submarine-based competition funded by the National Science Foundation, focusing on marine health and ecology. The team is gearing up to compete in May for a chance to qualify for the World Championship later this year.

Meet the Teams 

Autonomous Sprayer Project 

Established in the spring semester of 2022, the Autonomous Sprayer Project was initiated when a professional engineering alumnus approached the group with the concept. After numerous prototypes and upgrades, the team is poised to deliver their final project this Spring. Unlike other competition teams, this project is more of a consulting endeavor that could potentially be mass-produced and used in sustainable farming. It offers real-world experience and valuable skills to the team members.

Collegiate Combat Robotics 

On March 18th, 2023, the Robotics Club brought 30lb, 12lb, and 3lb robots to the Norwalk Havoc Robotics League: March of the Bots event. Each team performed well, and all three teams qualified for the playoffs. Now, with even more members and better funding, the team plans to compete at NHRL once again in August 2024, with refreshed designs, new ideas, and even more drive to be the best! They'll bring two 12lb bots and a 3lb bot. The CAD models of their current robots are shown below, and we can't wait to see them in action!


VEX-U was a new addition to the club this year, but they've already proven themselves to be among the best in the world. With three consecutive wins (besides an unfortunate disqualification), the team is currently ranked #2 in the world out of more than 200 other teams internationally. They plan to compete in the VEX World Championship in Dallas, TX, this April, with the potential to bring home glory and an oversized trophy! We're so proud of what this team has accomplished, and we would love your help to keep their run going!


MATE ROV was a new project voted on by club members as the team considered how to fill the fast-approaching void left by the Autonomous Sprayer Project. The National Science Foundation sponsors the competition, focusing heavily on sustainability issues directly sourced from the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Introducing students to these concepts early in their careers opens a gateway to cultivating future innovators in the field of marine science.


Facebook: SDSU Robotics Club 

Twitter: @sdsurobotics 

Instagram: @sdstaterobotics 

Snapchat: sdrobotics2009 

YouTube: SDState Robotics Club 

We post regularly about the club and robots! Check us out on social media and share our story!  

Help Us Succeed! 

Whether donating to the club or simply sharing our story, you can help lead us to victory! Tell your friends and family about our mission: building robots for the future. Join the SDSU Robotics community and help us!

Final 24 Hours

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of the support in this year's Rabbit Raiser's campaign. It's difficult to express how grateful we are: reaching our milestone of $5,000 means that we can plan for each of our trips without the additional stress of finding the financial support for them.

It's easy for a "Give Now!" button to feel detached from the work you're doing in our lives, but your contribution sincerely means the world to us. We hope we can share that gratitude over the next few months by bringing you along with on our trips over social media, sharing our victories, and taking home some trophies for our incredible community!

Whether you donated to our campaign directly, shared it with friends and community members, or helped to support our posts and campaigning online, thank you. We appreciate your help so much. In the final day of our campaign, we'll increase our goal to $6,000 for a final push: this amount would fund our VEX World Championship trip in entirety, or pay for both CCR and MATE ROV competitions! We're so grateful for the help we've received these past two weeks. Thank you again, from all of us!

- SDSU Robotics Club

62 days ago by SDSU ROBOTICS
Week One Down!

Sharing an update that was posted on our social media sites below! We featured our executive team in an interview, and we'll be taking some time next week to break down each project in more detail as well! Thank you for everyone who has supported our teams so far. Rabbit Raisers is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it directly helps to send our teams to competition. Thank you all for the help, support, and kind words! Hoping you all stay safe if you're experiencing the same fun weather we are right now! ;)

From our Socials:

"Over the last week, we’ve introduced each member of our Executive Team in turn on Facebook and Instagram... now, we’ll give you one more opportunity to get to know us personally, in an interview/podcast format! We hope you know how grateful we are for your support, whether it’s donating to the Robotics Club, raising wonderful kids to be a part of our teams, or simply following along with our story on our social media platforms! Whatever the case, we’re grateful.

With a little under a week left in our Rabbit Raisers Campaign, we’re going to shift the focus toward our four teams that are traveling this year. We'll be posting interviews with our Project Managers for each team, as well as sharing a few more details about each team and their journey. Thank you!"

66 days ago by SDSU ROBOTICS
Quarterly Progress Report

Hey everyone! We're a little over a quarter of the way through our campaign, and just under a quarter of the way to our goal! We want to thank all of our generous donors once again: your contribution means so much to us!

We're still on track to meet our goal by the end of the campaign on March 29th, so spread the word! Thank you!

70 days ago by SDSU ROBOTICS
First Day Recap

Thank you so much for the incredible first day! We're smashing deadlines at the moment, clearing 17% of our goal within the first 24 hours! 

We'll have some official updates and more information on our social pages and throughout the following week, but I wanted to take a second to celebrate our amazing community! You are awesome, and we appreciate it.

72 days ago by SDSU ROBOTICS

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