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Community, Culture, and Connection: Support the South Dakota Art Museum!

Since 1970, the South Dakota Art Museum has served the Brookings and university communities as a pivotal source of inspiration and culture. The facility has a mission to enrich the lives of the people on campus, in the city, and beyond. Filled with both contemporary and traditional works of art, the museum enhances SDSU in countless ways. The building offers a unique learning space to host classes, as well as to spotlight critical local artists like Harvey Dunn. Inside, the seven galleries available host more than a dozen new exhibits every year, making for an invaluable environment for educational programming. The vast collection at the South Dakota Art Museum includes more than 7,000 objects, ranging from paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, and ceramics.

The museum offers an essential means to preserve and present the artistic and diverse legacy of South Dakota. While the facility has only grown with time, it is people like you who can ensure that the South Dakota Art Museum remains a beloved hub for learning and the humanities on the SDSU campus.

Your valued support connects people to art and to each other, and your generosity and passion make possible the collecting, preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of visual art. With your gift, the museum can continue to provide access and enhance education while fostering appreciation of the visual arts. Your donation also ensures you can remain connected to the museum itself; unrestricted contributions of $30 or higher qualify for a full year’s membership.

Thank you for your support in sparking creativity, critical thinking, connectivity, and community!


For more information about a South Dakota Art Museum membership, visit the museum's webpage here.


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